Your Body Language And Vibe

You know generally that the way that we communicate our non-verbal messages not only is a powerful tool as mentioned above, but it also is important to note that people will be trying to read you at the same time as you are reading them and sending them messages about yourself.

The manner in which you communicate your interpersonal skills is very important. It tells others how you feel, what you are thinking inside, and directs others how to treat you or deal with you at that moment in time. You can have some control over how others see you if you plan it out right.

Effective communication is vital if you are going to succeed, no matter what you are doing. This is true for the office or other workplace just as much as it is true for your social or family life. Life for us is all about social interaction.

The way in which we communicate with people is broken down into component parts, and it is popularly believed that people to whom we are speaking understand what we say by interpreting these different elements in varying proportions:


o 7% of our message is interpreted from the words and phrases we use.


o 38% is picked up from our voice – speed, tone, pitch, rhythm, volume etc.


o 55% is what the other person sees – our body language, attire and accessories.

Please bear the above in mind when you are communicating to people. The “3 Vs” make up a fourth – VIBE – the overall feeling we send and receive from others.

Whole books are written on body language, but here are some quick fixes and recommendations that you should start to put into practice:

  •  Dress to win – Look at your appearance and ask yourself:
  •  Do I feel confident?
  •  Do I look confident?
  • What could I do with my appearance to give me the edge?
  • Handshakes – Never give a limp wrist handshake, make sure it is firm but not too hard
  • Smile a lot more than you have been doing – even if you are a comedian! Smiles generate trust, openness and more smiles!
  • Walk tall with your head and shoulders back. Walk at a quick, controlled pace breathing calmly.
  • When you talk to people look them straight in the eye
  • Keep on moving – Motion creates positive emotion!
  • If you are ever feeling down, just have a look at your body language and change it immediately. You WILL start to feel better and more confident immediately. Take a brisk walk if need be.
  • First impressions count – so when you are going to meet people for the first time, think of what the first impression you want to give them. A smiling face? A good remark? Firm handshake? Etc. Life is filled with first impressions…over and over and over again!
  • Take more notice of other peoples’ body language. You can normally tell what others are feeling by the way that they are moving and using their body too. You can use this to your advantage when you are more aware of it. This is useful in meetings, negotiations, presentations, sales pitches, and yes, even on dates!