Setting a Good Example For Your Child

Young children are very impressionable! This is a secret weapon a parent can use to his/her advantage. However, the weapon can be dangerous if not wielded correctly. Toddlers tend to pick up their parents’ vocabulary, mannerisms and behaviors. This can make teaching proper behaviors very simple if a parent commits to setting a good example at all times. That is a big commitment, but the rewards of a well-behaved child are definitely worth the sacrifice.

Leading by example is one of the most effective ways to teach any person no matter what their age is. It is even better for younger children who have a very limited vocabulary. A child will naturally look to their parents to gauge their responses to various situations. It is so much easier and faster to teach a child how to react in any given situation by allowing them to witness your responses.

Parents will quickly learn to rein in their emotions when they know their child is watching. It can be described as being on stage. Parents have certain expectations for their child and in order to communicate those expectations the parents will need to act them out. The act should include appropriate words, mannerisms and gestures.

Children are not born knowing bad or inappropriate behaviors. They must be exposed to them. In the real world, the child will see or learn things from other children, adults and television. Parents will be faced with some undesirable behaviors from time to time. These situations should be viewed as learning opportunities. Take the time to teach the child what he/she should do in the future instead of the unwanted behavior. Parents can counteract some of the bad influences by setting a consistent, good example when they are with their child.