Playing With Your Partner in Silly Ways

In order to ignite or get the spark of your ongoing relationship, you need to play with each other and be silly for a few minutes during the day. This strengthens the bond and helps you feel better about yourself and each other. So how do you play? Read on for tips.

Here they are:

  1. Run and make her chase you

Grab something important from your partner and run. She will chase you desperately. Make it a long enough run in your home premises. Finally come to a pause and let her get the stuff that rightly belongs to her. This kind of silly play makes you both alive and naughty and at the same time you treasure your relationship very much.

  1. Give her a surprise

When she is in the kitchen cooking busily something delicious for the family, close her eyes from the back gradually without frightening her. Ask in a fake voice what she is doing. If she recognizes your voice, she will start laughing and accept the bouquet of roses from you heartily, which you really meant as a surprise. Gestures like this help to keep your relationship solid and prospective and so plan and do more of them often.

  1. Rotate together

Lift her by the legs, hold her strong and rotate. Both of you will enjoy the fun and laugh heartily. Do it more frequently and your relationship will soar.

  1. Dance

Dance together and move your body parts crazy with disco music. Make it as quick as possible so that you and your spouse get spent at the end of the music. Both of you will have quite an experience and you will bond together with her more closely.

  1. Keep snapping her

When you see that your spouse is in a bad mood, take hold of your digital camera and start snapping all her poses until she is helpless and can only laugh out in joy and humor.

  1. Beat about the bush

So he asked you a question. Simply beat about the bush and don’t give him a plain and simple answer until you have played for a while. Wait until he gets mad. Then pause and start laughing. Confess: I wanted to see you get mad!! He will probably feel the humor and cheer up.Summing up, these are six great ways to play and laugh silly with your partner and get the mojo of life. These are moments to capture and savor. After all, life on this earth is short – so make the best out of it. A loving close relationship through foolish playing, whenever you can, always pays off.