Mindset Mechanics Mentors®

mindset mechanics mentorsThis proprietary system of achieving success has been distilled from great mentors worldwide and delivered through a systematic approach known as “Mindset, Mechanics, Mentors®”. At first it appears too simplistic to have much merit, however, on deeper contemplation it is the critical pathway for achieving anything worthwhile.

I have had the privilege of Mentoring thousands of start-up businesses and high achievers, and the common thread of those that outperform is step number one, MINDSET. I hear the urgency in their voices of, “just show me how to get what I want”, yet I know from experience you do not need the “how-to” information until you have clarity on what you want to achieve, and why that is important to you.

Your energy and motivation are generated by doing what is important to you. Your focus must remain locked on your goal with laser precision. It is only at that point one would even consider seeking the information required to reach a goal.

Researching the information , resources, and education to achieve your goals is perhaps the easiest part of this philosophy. First, the sum total of the worlds knowledge is readily available on the internet, second is that someone, somewhere has already achieved what it is that you are pursuing, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Which leads to the final part of connecting with Mentors willing to guide you to your destination. Mentors who have achieved success in their fields of endeavour are able to disseminate education and guidance to help that person achieve their goals.

My purpose and passion is helping people achieve their goals, and I do this with the core belief that people who have improved their lifestyle are more inclined to contribute to their immediate communities. They are much more likely to have a positive influence on other adults and on our youth, therefore, creating a better world to live in.

Fast-track your success by using these three simple steps:

  1. Change your Mindset; decide what you want to achieve and why that is important to you, then be open to explore new opportunities and learning.

  2. Learn the Mechanics; the “How to Information” of what you will need to achieve success.

  3. Seek out Mentors; that have already achieved in your area of pursuit and follow their guidance.

David Bunney

Author | Speaker | Mentor