Importance of Sitting Postures and Ergonomic Chairs

In everyday lives we spend a lot of time sitting. Many of us has not yet realized that sitting on chairs appropriate to our body structure is very important for long-term health. People who are doing white collar jobs spends almost eight to ten hours in their chairs. If our sitting posture is not proper and the chairs we sit are not apt for us, then it will cause a lot of long term health problems such as back pain, muscle pain, shoulder pain etc.

These are some of the things we can do to reduce the impact of long hours of sitting

1. Adapt a comfortable posture
It is said that poor sitting postures will affect ligaments, muscles and joints in your back body and that will lead to cumulative traumatic disorders. Find a good posture suitable for your body with the help of an expert.

2. Relaxation
Do not sit for long time. After an hour or so you should relax for five minutes. A small walk will also suffice. If you start having a back pain then you can try back exercises also.

3. Ergonomic chairs
Most of the sitting related pains are due to unsupportive modular seating, poor seat designs and poor seating posture. By using ergonomic seats we can solve almost all these problems. Ergonomically chairs generally provide proper lumbar support to the back. They are flexible adjustable and movable.

Advice for employers

If you are the business owner, then taking care of these matters will improve the productivity of your employees. These chairs will provide proper support to their body and prevent them from having regular pain and discomfort. This allows them to focus on the work they are doing and increases productivity.

Advice for people who are working for a long time in chairs

If your company is not providing you an Ergonomic chair always bring that to the attention of your boss. Try to convince them about the health advantages and a simultaneous increase in productivity.