How To Earn Respect And Get Appreciation Starting Right Now!

Do you think you’re surrounded by people who don’t care? Do you feel like people might be using you? Maybe you don’t really feel appreciated despite all the good things you try to do? You know, the things that spring from deep within your heart?

Is it your opinion that you have nothing to contribute to life? Do you feel like you were made to just exist? Do you feel like you don’t really have anything to contribute to life? Stop with the questions already.

OK…listen…you’s a unique creature created by GOD. You have a mission in this world and the Universe that is wonderful and vital to us all. Yes, vital! Why vital? You were born to contribute your “you-ness” (that’s some word…HUH?) to the world. Whether you design aircraft, design socks, or make chocolate bars…you were made to help all of us by being the real you that you are.

So how do you get appreciation for all this that is the wonderful “you” that you are?

Simply, if you want respect then you need to respect yourself first.

If you want to be appreciated then appreciate yourself first.

If that sounds like you are thinking about yourself …you’re right. If you think that this is egoic or self-centered then you are wrong.
See to be of service, value and to be able to contribute to the Universe, that is, our world then you need to see what you have to contribute.

If you want to get respect and appreciation then start respecting and appreciating yourself right now. If you have made mistakes in life…we all have. Ask GOD for forgiveness, forgive others who have wronged you and then forgive yourself. You were not put here on earth to PASS JUDGEMENT ON ANYONE (unless you are given permission by society police, judge, courts etc.) so YOU ARE NOT HERE TO SEVERELY JUDGE YOURSELF. Yes correct yourself and TAKE TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LIFE. But be a little kinder to others and to yourself…You can decide to start right now!