How Negativity Can Ruin Your Efforts of Achieving Superior Mind Control

Recently, the issue of the power of positive thinking was brought to light by someone, and the subject was actually skewed to someone who had been suffering from a bout of depression for a long time. They had tried placebos and antidepressants, with no visible effect, and the relatives and loved ones, at their wit’s end, had decided to admit this patient to regressive therapy and positive affirmation. The truth is, not many of us actually realize how badly negativity can ruin our lives.

Superior mind control is one thing, but what about basic mind control? What about losing all your faculties and surrendering to inevitables, which are not even there in the first place? Negative thinking is not just a state of mind, it can be an endemic that has the potential to rule our thoughts and drive us to wayward directions in life.

Death can even be a result. The worst incarnation of negative thinking is depression, which is often described as the reverse momentum for the human spirit. Depression has symptoms like loss of appetite, unwillingness to socialize, unusually quiet spells, physical manifestations that can be an obvious weight loss, dilated pupils, sallow and unhealthy skin, high blood pressure, migraines, an increased likelihood of disease and even death.

This article is giving you the end of the spectrum here because there is a need to enforce a very simple and piercing point. The still voice in your head that discourages you, tells you that something is ‘unachievable’ or ‘impossible’, allows you to let your peers run ahead of you – anything that even resembles a negative thought – could be the beginnings of depression. Once you allow these voices to rule you and dictate what you do in life, soon the blocks will start tumbling down and you will realize that it is too late.

You are last, you are unsuccessful and you are alone. You are then stuck in a cycle of self-denial, a cycle of excuses and soon, you will be left alone snapping at the world because of what they did to you. The power of positive thinking, the immense power that has to allow you to achieve superior mind control is a double-edged sword and it is up to you to decide which way the blade falls. You can cut your cake and eat it, or you could end up with a bloody hand. This was the story of the person who had entered mind therapy and one of the things that were done to him was to force him out of his cocoon of negative thinking and back into the light.

With love and positive affirmation, he is now a man no one can recognize; far from the unhealthy looking person on the verge of a catastrophic future. If you have ever wanted something; think nothing more than doing it. You will find that you learn faster, focus better and have a drive and energy that will propel you towards the finish line. Stay away from negativity; you will never know what will happen to you.