How Making Small Changes Will Help You Lose Weight

Start Losing Weight with Small changes

Successful weight loss begins with change. Successful weigh loss means making changes in your life style and habits. But change is hard. And changing your diet from anything you want to restricting yourself so you can lose weight is extremely tough. Most people start out following the diet. They get through a day or two, maybe a week or two, but eventually they will give in to cravings and go off the diet. And they don’t lose weight. Losing weight should not be a quick thing. The quicker you lose weight, the quicker you will gain it back, plus more.

Weight Loss Goal: Begin with a goal to lose 1 pound a week. When you try to lose weight too quickly you will gain it back quickly. And you will probably gain more back. So instead of trying to lose 10 pounds in one week, work on 1 pound a week and if you lose more, you’ll be excited.

Get Moving: Consistently work out 5 days a week for 30 minutes. You can do it, even if you are riding a stationary bike while watching television. The best thing would be to watch 30 minutes less of television a day and use that time to work out. Go out and walk your neighborhood for 30 minutes at a brisk pace. Take your spouse with you.

Eat less: Take a look at what you are consuming for each meal and snacks and make a commitment to change some of your choices. If you typically stop at a fast food for breakfast begin by making a commitment you will stop that habit and have a bowl of cereal each morning instead. Cut out or change your late night snack. Instead a bag of popcorn, slice up an apple. The more you do this, the easier these choices will be.

Start taking a look at how you are preparing your meals. Try recipes that reduce fat, calories and salt in these meals. Eliminate fast food from your diet, instead make a sandwich for yourself if you need quick meal. Make sure you are getting those fruits and vegetables every day.

Add One Change Each Week: Habits take time to form. So focus on adding one small change each week. Pretty soon they all add up and you will be well on your way to losing more than one pound a week.

Look at your weight loss as not just a diet, but a change in life style. And that takes time to make these changes permanent. As you add these changes to your life one thing at a time, they will become a part of your habits and you won’t even have to think about making these choices. And if you slip and begin to go back to old habits, get right back on track and keep going.