There are two scarce and very precious commodities in our world, and they are Time and Health. The commonality between the two is that we can prioritise our choices within each. Yet very often we continue to consume in excess and neglect exercise.

Sadly, too often we wait until a doctor or specialist delivers a wakeup call to modify our behaviour. Only then does it suddenly become important to us and we are motivated.

Our overall wellbeing is divided between physical and mental 

health. One compliments the other. How well we achieve a good balance is usually a reflection of our actions; or in some cases our non-actions. To live life to the full and achieve balance, good health is mandatory and demands close attention. Here are a few tips.

  • Posture and ergonomics, We have all heard it before, however, do we really pay enough attention to these. Perhaps at your work environment ergonomic practices may be pre-determined. Although our attention to our posture is often lacking.
  • Sneaky steps, Find easy ways to take those extra steps. Park the car further away or take the steps instead of the elevator. There are many simple methods to get that extra physical exercise. Why not share the healthy experience with a friend? Find a walking partner even if it is the family dog.
  • De-stressing, Make that decision to become aware of your stress levels and do something about it. Just 10 minutes of deep breathing, stretching or a murid of other useful techniques will make a compounding difference in the way you feel.
  • Diet, So, you already know this one. Seriously there are many small changes you can make to help with this. From reducing portion sizes to the choices, when purchasing food. Remember small changes in the right areas make a huge difference.
  • Start right, The first 60 minutes after you wake is vital to your health and sets the path for your day. Find a routine that works for you and then finetune it. It should at least include a few mandatories like: Stretching or exercise, meditation, gratefulness, planning, water, personal goal review and daily intention.
  • Wash your hands, This has been proven to be very effective in reducing risk of spreading germs. It is quick, easy and convenient. Another area worth attention is when sponges are used. These can be moist and a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Kill ANTS, No not those insects, ANTS are your Automatic Negative Thoughts that trigger anxiety and flood the body with stress hormones. A simple trick is whenever an ANT enters your mind, acknowledge it and then make it disappear by thinking about something else. It is important to correct negative thinking.