A Good Workout Routine

Aspects Of A Good Workout Routine

The most important part of a good workout routine is taking action. You may have the greatest, most well balanced workout routine in front of you, but if you don’t use it and stick to it then you might as well throw it away. Another extremely important aspect to a good workout routine is knowledge. You need to know when to work out, the proper way to perform the workout at hand, and what needs to be done following your workout routine.

When To Work Out

This isn’t the most important aspect to a good workout routine, however it will definitely play a factor in the result that you achieve. A good time to work out is in the morning because it is going to force you to start burning calories sooner in the day. A lot of times if you put your workout off until later in the day, you will have more of a chance to make an excuse of why you don’t want to do it. You never want to workout immediately after a large meal. This could lead to discomfort and you will achieve much less results than if you did the same workout on an empty stomach. If your body doesn’t have food in your stomach it will be forced to find its energy source elsewhere, which will lead to it using your fat reserves to fuel your work out.

Warming Up

A good workout routine will always include a good warm up session. Focus primarily on the muscle groups that you will be using during your workout, but you still want to warm up your entire body. Make sure that you stretch properly and raise your heart rate slowly, as you don’t want to start an intense workout routine with tight muscles. Not properly stretching is the easiest way to cause your body to get injured especially when you are lifting weights.

After Your Workout

Another part to a good workout routine is a cool down period. Once your workout is finished, you want to allow your heart rate to slowly decrease and get back to a normal rate. You don’t want to just stop working out and go sit down or your body will be more susceptible to cramps, and un-comfort. Again just like part of your pre-workout routine, you will also need to be sure to properly stretch after your workout. Stretching post workout is the most ideal time to stretch because your muscles are already lose and warmed up. While stretching, try to hold each stretch for 10-20 seconds. You do not want to bounce, or pulse while stretching as it could lead to injury.

The foods you eat after your workout also play a vital role in your overall workout results. After a good workout routine you want to try to eat things that are high in protein, or even have a protein shake so that your body can immediately start to rebuild and recover its fatigued muscles. After a good cardio session, you want to try to wait at least a half hour to eat so that your body can maximize fat burning by using its stored fat as an energy source.

Other Tips To Get The Most Out Of A Good Workout Routine

The most important thing you can do during a good workout program, is stay hydrated. Not having enough fluids in your body can cause you to fatigue faster, get cramps, and prevent your body from getting the most out of your hard work. A rule of thumb is that if your workout lasts longer than 30 minutes you may want to include a sports drink to keep your body from starting to use your muscle as a source of energy, this typically will happen in a long run or other cardio exercise.

A good workout routine will also include plenty of rest. If you are doing moderately intense workout you can perform them more frequently than if you are doing extremely intense workouts. Your body need ample rest to recover and rebuild its muscles before you use them again to ensure your getting the most out of your workout.