11 Ways To Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself Now

Yes you did it! You hit that milestone! You nabbed that big client! You were the number one sales agent in your company! You reached that goal! No matter what you achieved you did it and it feels great! In fact you feel invincible. The days, weeks, and months of frustration melt away and you can relax for just one moment.

But not for too long. You are not an athlete with an off season. Business is a 24/7, 365 days per year cycle that just will not quit. While you are basking in the spoils of victory, be sure to set up some new goals right now. Set some new milestones for your business and personal life.

Most importantly you need to treat yourself for this current victory! I was listening to my mentor in a mastermind last year. He gave us a challenge to enjoy our victory. Take a moment to reflect on the journey, experience, and then treat ourselves. Don’t forget to treat yourself.

It made sense. So I made a list of goals and milestones I would like to reach in the next year. I also wrote down how I would treat myself. I printed it out and put it on my wall so I would have a daily reminder. I was so excited I shared it with my team and fellow real estate agents.

Over the next 90 days I saw people treating themselves. Agents in my office would tell me what they just bought or they just went on a mini vacation. My team posted how many sales they were making, they made videos, and posted pictures of small victories.

Set Up Milestones

Small victories lead to big wins. When I had a $100 day from my internet marketing business I treated myself to the movies. $500 in one day, I took my family out to dinner. $1000, I went to the spa. When ever I sold a house, I put 3% of my commissions into a vacation fund.

You need to set up a reward system for yourself. Get your family, team, and employees involved. When you reach a goal share what you have done. Post a video on YouTube, comment on Facebook, and Pin it somewhere. If you are selling houses make a video with the new homeowners. You will capture their excitement and give build social proof.

Start planning trips, make a list of the things you are going to buy, make a goal to give to a charity. Planning what you are going to spend will help you budget better. Athletes, entertainers, and industry leaders get rewards. You might as well treat yourself, too.

Be your own champion in business and make your family proud, make a difference in your community, and bring value to your market. A farmer who doesn’t enjoy the fruits of his labor is not a very smart farmer. He who doesn’t partake in his own harvest is not a happy person.

11 Ways to Treat Yourself:

  1. Shopping spree
  2. Go to the movies
  3. Romantic night out
  4. Family vacation
  5. Give to a charity
  6. Volunteer at a shelter
  7. Go to a concert
  8. Go to a sporting event
  9. Take a lazy day
  10. Go to the museum
  11. Take a spa day

Don’t miss an opportunity to treat yourself. Pretend it’s Christmas and you are Santa Claus. Take the time to recognize what you have accomplished. Small victories stack up. Now I am not saying break the bank. Little tokens of appreciation for yourself will help you get past the small frustration when sales dip, orders are late, escrows fail, team members quit. You will make it past these obstacles and succeed. Treat Yourself!