Feb 16

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Why Businesses Start Out Wrong

Have you ever wondered why some businesses grow quicker than others? Let me share some insight. It is usually because they don’t get the sequence right! I mentor many start-up business owners, so I see first hand the challengers they face. It still surprises me when I see some owners with the wrong attitude. Questions like,”How do I make money fast?”

When I tell them it is not about the money it is all about serving, some even become defensive. Yet the unselfish art of serving others, customers and staff is really what contributes to success. Business is about offering solutions to other people’s problems. If your solution is good and your customer trusts you, then you will do business with them, and you will make money. So there is no need to over complicate this process.

This is a great illustration of why you need to get your mindset right first before you consider a business opportunity. The philosophy of Success Leaves A Trail® is your answer to starting a profitable business. However it must be followed in the right order:

  1. Change your Mindset; decide what you want to achieve and why, then become open to new opportunities and learning.
  2. Learn the Mechanics; the “How To” of what you need to achieve your success.
  3. Connect with Mentors; that have already achieved in the area of your pursuits and follow their guidance.


If you are considering starting a business Startup Business Services are able to help. They offer discussion forums to evaluate potential business ideas, complete startup courses and mentor programs for when you are ready to commence your business.

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