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Startup Business Course


Startup Business Services are excited to offer this new initiative to Perth.

This course has been distilled from the experience of helping countless businesses. We know that correct planning in the early stages makes the difference to successful business growth. This course delivers a practical step-by-step guide to ensure your success.



This course is unique to Perth as it delivers practical real life information and strategies proven to work. Our focus is delivering “How-to” lessons in a simple easy to lean format that is structured to cover all aspects of planning and starting a business. Completion of the course will produce a solid foundation for business growth.


Who will benefit from this course?

  1. New entrepreneurs with a passion to become self employed and need the road map and support to getting started in business and becoming financially independent.
  2. Existing business owners will benefit greatly as fundamentals and business principals are revisited to kick start a renewed business growth.
  3. Sub-Contractors ready to step up their efforts into a real business and expand their opportunities.

What this course delivers:

  1. Step by step guide to evaluating an idea suitable for a viable new business.
  2. How to understand and develop a business plan that covers the necessary basics of business planning.
  3. Instructions on the processes involved in commencing a business including registrations, legal, insurances and compliance.
  4. Intense marketing, advertising and promotions for your products and services using real life examples and strategies specifically suitable for each business.
  5. Highlight any specific areas of business development that may be necessary to concentrate or seek further assistance.
  6. Provides a clear road map for future business growth including specific “how-to” information to achieve a profitable outcome.


Some examples why this course is so different:                    

Register a Name We provide a worksheet formula on how to choose the perfect business name and/or slogan then guide you through the process of business and domain registrations
Get a Website Worksheet 3 is for designing a website brief that plans a functional and profitable site then we show you how to outsource the job at a fraction of normal cost.
Do some planning We have a complete Step-by-step business plan guide with instructions that forces you to consider areas you may not even know about. Particularly legal, insurance, OSH and tax obligations.
Advertise The course works through a 30 step marketing preparation plan to avoid wasting money on promotions. We deliver over 70 known methods to promote your business that have worked very well for others.
Check you Finance The key is to use financial modelling to confirm the viability of the business which often highlights other opportunities that may have been overlooked. Financial management includes costing, forecasting and pricing.
Promote yourself We supply a worksheet that includes a formula for copywriting a compelling business resume then offer over 45 free and low-cost places to promote your business.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q/                    What makes this particular course different to others?

A/                    This is a unique and the only known course currently available that includes the following points of difference and benefit.

  • Course facilitators are business owners themselves with decades of real-life experience, delivering proven strategies known to fast track business growth.
  • This Course uses a step by step approach to developing a new business learning the necessary business skills as required, preventing information overload.
  • A concise learning structure caters to all learning styles through the use of a face to face workshop environment, Resource eBooks, Video Tutorials and task oriented exercises.


Q/        Is this Course suitable for contractors?

A/                    Yes – Most definitely as many contractors see themselves as self-employed not realizing the full impact of their legal obligations as an actual business owner.


Q/        What are the minimum requirements to be accepted on the Course?

A/                    PASSION! If you are enthusiastic and prepared to learn we would love to help you. You do need to understand adequate spoken and written English and modest computer skills are an advantage.


Q/        Will this course include information on buying an existing business?

A/                    This course is specifically aimed at starting a new business however much of the program will also be very useful for those reviewing an existing business.



Q/        I am considering the purchase of a new franchise, is this covered?

A/                    Franchises tend to be limited by range of products and services permitted, and the Franchisor may stipulate specific marketing and operating systems. Franchise businesses are regulated through the Franchise Council of Australia and special legal conditions apply to this type of ownership, they can be very costly to purchase. The knowledge gained by our program will definitely help you understand many of the aspects to check before deciding on the suitability of a franchise, possibly involving a large financial commitment


Q/        Will the Course help me start any type of business in any industry?

A/                    Yes, we work with all industries and types of business structures    


Q/        Do you offer any ongoing training in specific areas?

A/                    Yes – We are constantly updating our professional development short Courses, based on client requests.


Q/        Do you offer a guarantee?

A/                    Yes – We know what is required to commence and develop a new business from over 20 years of successfully helping business owners. Therefore we offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee of the Course content and its benefits.


Q/        How can I request more information or talk to someone about the Course?

A/                    You may use the contact form for any further information.

We are here to help you and pride ourselves on ethical, professional tuition that ensures an effective and supportive learning experience.

We look forward to helping you to embark on your fulfilling and exciting road to small business success.

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