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David Bunney StoryHi, thanks for your time.

My passion is helping others improve their lifestyles.

I do that by promoting the concept of self-education and connecting with mentors who can fast track your progress. Where ever possible I inspire, educate and encourage others to achieve more and get more out of life. I am honoured to have the opportunity to help people and enjoy life so much.  However, life has not always been that kind.


Before I explain how I have come to achieve my extraordinary lifestyle, and why I am so passionate about encouraging others, let me share a little about myself to help understand my journey.


My Story,

Born in Brisbane Queensland, son of a 3rd generation family business of Saw-Millers, Timber and Hardware Merchants. I currently live in vibrant Perth, Western Australia. However, before this move…

 David Bunney Family Business
3rd generation family business of Saw-Millers, Timber & Hardware Merchants

I knew I was never a good fit for traditional ways. Stories of pioneering family members accredited with tenacity for creating the first mobile tree logging machines, hacking the oldest timbers with no regard for the future, just did not seem very inspiring. However, I knew there were hereditary similarities, as I was constantly thinking of “the bigger picture.” My “What If” curiosity always had me in trouble, and I felt very misunderstood. It was my time for discovery, and so my journey began…




I tell people I have been married since the early eighties, that’s because I can never remember the exact number of years we were together before that. And yes, I have the same remarkable lady sharing my life today, including two sons of which we are both very proud. I feel truly blessed.




With a trade background and specialist training, I commenced my first real business in the West, with a select team, as a contractor for the Oil and Gas industry. I did specialised work in Gas Pipeline construction, Oil Rig maintenance, Refinery Plant shutdowns and was even involved in the North Rankin “A” platform offshore sub-sea pipeline project. It was exciting times for a few years.

Work Collage


I vividly remember the day I sat on a distant sand hill looking down at the job — this was not a natural behaviour of mine. It was in one of the most remote, dry, hot regions of WA, so typical of this industry; don’t they build gas pipelines on tropical islands? This was the moment my “What If Optimism” snapped! “What the heck am I doing here?” Oh yes; I remember… the money! Really, was that it? There had to be a better way to create a lifestyle, because this was just no fun anymore!


I was to learn much later that true wealth had nothing to do with money, it fact it was simply to achieve well balanced abundance in all areas of your life.


I Choose Not To…

Have you ever starred at a blank piece of paper for three hours? Trying to write a list of what I actually wanted from life should not have been so hard. Apparently it was.

So I started on the things I did NOT want instead. I could not stop writing. I did not realise the intense emotions I had bottled up inside for so long. The list aptly titled, “I Choose Not To…” just kept gushing; page one then another, of all the things I did not want to do anymore and hated most. When finished, There were mixed emotions of exhaustion, yet exhilaration. I felt relief; however, there it was on paper and still in my possession. To make matters worse I already had the next flight booked for some other forsaken job destination. No! It was time to say No!

Hard hat float away
I Choose Not To…  – Decision – Action – Result


At precisely 5am on the day of my cancelled flight, I was alone at Trigg Island beach preparing to float my frustrations away forever. I was amazed how the wind, water current and conditions were so universally aligned, that it caused my hard hat and list to drift out and disappear so quickly. I sat with calm gratitude as the sun rose, watching the now very distant makeshift boat disappear into the ocean. Wow that felt good, I was energised, yet still had no clue what I was going to do next. I was cold from emotions of panic because of no job or income, yet excited about the possibilities. It just felt so right. This truly was a defining moment in life.


In pursuit

I continued studies of entrepreneurship at Edith Cowan University then onto Hospitality Studies at college. Armed with knowledge and determination to succeed I chewed through businesses and money-making projects for years, I even had exit-strategies planned before entering some business ventures.


Ownerships of Restaurants, Function Centres, MLM, Tavern with Atrium Restaurant, Resort Management Contracts, Share and Commodity Trading, Business Broking and Real Estate Sales, Management Consultancy, Construction; and the list went on and on, until the crash, my financial crash.


My real learning was about to begin. This low in my life was to be another defining personal turning point.



Personal Bankruptcy – NOT recommended.


How do you answer your four-year-old when asked, “Why are they taking our car away, will they bring it back?” I cried. I lost home ownership, all our assets and everything else I thought at the time was important.


Company structures in place, collapsed like domino’s ending cash-flow, leading to loan defaults, and the most hurtful of all was our seized passports! Oh how we loved to travel so much. It just seemed unfair and should not have happened.


Although bitter and angry at the bad legal advice that had commenced it all, I knew I had to accept responsibility for my circumstances and somehow get through this period the best way I could.


What does not kill you…makes you stronger?

Yes eventually I did survive our financial collapse; our marriage survived; my health was even still okay, although my temperament had changed slightly. I just felt like one of the kid’s teddy bears with half the stuffing knocked out, I was feeling very ragged.


You see it is not until it’s all gone you realise just what is important to you in life and why. This was to be my wake-up call. Oddly enough money was not high on the list anymore. Not surprisingly with a brand new attitude and help, I went on to develop some great enterprises, including a corporate public entity in the technology/advertising industry. I was always fascinated with fresh cutting-edge thinking.


My first mentor told me to create something you were proud of, and I did.


Wisdom from Life Experiences
No such thing as mistakes just feed-back, so fortunately I had accumulated some life experiences that went on to serve me well. Founding a public entity in the technology industry and attempting a public float on the Australian Stock Exchange was exciting although timing was a challenge considering the “Dot-Com Crash” occurred in the same year.

Elink Media IPO

It was still a valuable introduction to the Internet, and the opportunities rapid change always presents.


I Love New Stuff!

I love creative thinking and confess to being a new-gadget man. Seizing the opportunity of a cutting-edge concept, yet another startup business developed to include motor vehicle wrap advertising. Not sure if Perth was quite ready for the concept at that time, although it had been proven successful worldwide, and was still very new to Australia.

AdSkin Promo Vehicle


Bootstrapping a new company with very few guidelines just seemed a little crazy at times. I recall this venture with memories of the most challenging fun I enjoyed for some time.


The privilege of lessons learnt.

Today in my training session’s introduction, I often cite my rare privilege to have made so many mistakes over the decades, and to have gained so much real-life experience. I speak of my best learning during the lean times. The challenges that force you to become creative with your decisions, and the confidence gained through bold action become invaluable.


I was also aware at this time that my focus was changing; I found myself asking how can I pass my knowledge on to others? How can I help improve the lifestyle of others? I knew I had something to offer, even if it was just tips I had learnt through my struggles.



My turning point – Asking for help!

It’s a male thing; I know this to be true, well at least for me anyway. It’s just not natural to ask for help; we are all so fiercely proud of our independence and so was I until….


My first real Mentor asked me the question, “What’s the speed of success worth to you”? He went on to illustrate the point. Bill Gates has a mentor, and it is none other than Warren Buffet; arguably, the best stock market investor of all time and like Bill Gates, is a billionaire. What if Bill did not get any help, and it took him another ten years of struggle to achieve his success. How much in dollar terms would that extra time have cost him? The answer is. “A lot”


Calculating the true value of Mentors is not rocket science. It is a proven fact a Mentor is one of the fastest ways possible to achieve success in any endeavour. I personally know this to be very true, and in my opinion, Mentors are priceless; you just have to get over yourself and ask for help. I began researching lifestyles and asking for help to become a Mentor myself.



A personal challenge

Design the perfect lifestyle for myself and my family. It sounds simple enough until you realise the complexity of it all. What does it actually mean anyway? And is it the same for everyone?


I commenced my research worldwide. Who actually did have the perfect lifestyle? Was it the rich, the poor, the happy, spiritual, cultural? I researched and documented everything. Eventually, I discovered some astonishingly similarities and common traits of outstanding lifestyles. I will get to them shortly.


I was fascinated with the topic and included in my research, careers and even types of businesses that may match the perfect lifestyle scenario. I did find one intriguing match, which was the LIP’s (Location Independent Professionals).


They seem to come very close with their portable professions capable of being managed equally well from any major city or from some Mexican beach. Ironically enough they were mostly Internet related.


The perfect lifestyle

The Perfect Lifestyle

The summary of my research in pursuit for the perfect lifestyle is just a few key points.

              • Your life must have balance in all areas.
              • You must know your own values and be congruent with your actions towards them.
              •  Happiness comes from an attitude of gratitude and living with purpose and passion.




Student becomes Mentor.

I wish I could take full credit of creating the most genius formula for achieving the perfect lifestyle; however, the truthful reality is that it has always been very accessible for those seeking it. I simply trademarked the process and distilled a system from the best success greats of the world.


My passion is helping others improve their lifestyles through self-education and the mentor/protégé relationship.


Mindset + Mechanics + Mentors®


My philosophy is a simple three step approach of MINDSET + MECHANICS + MENTORS®.

  • Change your MINDSET, decide what you want in life, why, and become open to opportunities;
  • Learn the MECHANICS…the “how to” information you need to achieve your goals;
  • Connect with MENTORS who can help you achieve those goals and fast-track the process.


I know it works because I am proof and have had many Mentors in my life. I had a Mentor, who taught me Share Trading; he sat with me at my desk and within six months, I was profitable. I then published a book about it all. I studied property development the same way, and I was involved with Internet Marketing for years before finally connecting with Mentors who showed me the right steps I needed.

I actively practice what I teach connecting with several Mentors, all helping me improve in various areas.



Success Leaves A Trail ®

Beach signAs my way of giving back I founded an organisation to help others connect with the right people and information who can help improve your lifestyle.


I then went on to publish a book on success principles. It included step-by-step instructions on how to use a business opportunity to help improve your financial situation. The book is full of useful information and resources to get you started…check it out at

Book Cover

Why Teach Self-employment?

The truth is, the most prominent individuals have chosen business and investments as their preferred mode of sustainable success. My own life experiences have taught me the value of leveraging business acumen with time.


Did I mention I love it? Helping others is very rewarding; however, nothing compares to the satisfaction of seeing first-hand the positive change within people, when confidence kicks-in and their lifestyles are improved. They almost always pay this gift forward to immediate family and community.


To see this transformation is truly a blessing. To witness these small efforts that make the world a better place to live is simply awesome.That is why I teach, encourage and inspire learning…




Options to improve your lifestyle

Anyone can improve their lifestyle if they truly want. The knowledge is out there and so too is the help. A decision is required, followed by action. The common starting point for many is the main areas of the wheel of life. (Business/Career, Finances, Health, Family & Friends, Romance, Personal Growth, Fun & Recreation, and Physical Environment.) Which would you want to improve first?


The philosophy of Mindset, Mechanics, Mentors ® can easily be applied to each of these segments with guaranteed results.



David Bunney – The Lifestyle Mentor™

David-Bunney-hard-knocksI love life, and live it with gratitude and purpose. Learning from wise Mentors and sharing what I’ve learned with others is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.


I invite you to get to know me more for who I am, and see for yourself how you can improve your lifestyle through the support of others.





My Daily Rituals:

  • I start each day with an “Attitude of Gratitude”
  • Clarify my “Intention of the Day”
  • Remain “Focused in the Now”
  • End with “Daily Reflection and Thanks”


Empowering Beliefs:

  • Success is an emotion I choose to feel daily.
  • True Wealth is having abundance of everything in balance.
  • I am happiest when I am authentic and congruent in my actions toward my purpose and passion.



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