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Mal Emery

As a Perth based entrepreneur, I have won national recognition with my “Street Smart” money making strategies, helping people in dozens of different industries to turn their businesses into money making machines.

Well known for my remarkable ability to think outside the square, I ventured into my first business at the age of 22 when I was fired from a job, which stifled and frustrated the already budding entrepreneur within. This was a challenging time for me because not only did I have the commitment of repayments on a new house and land package to honour, the birth of our first child was imminent!

Sold out in 13 Months with

Almost Enough $$$ to Pay off My House!

Applying the steely focus I have become known for, I turned my first venture into a resounding success in record time. So successful in fact, that when I sold this business only 13 months later, I had almost enough money to pay for the entire house and land package, which I had expected to be paying off over the next twenty years.

Let’s put that in perspective by today standards, that is the equivalent of paying off a half million dollar property in just 13 months.

I had discovered a latent passion – for business! Over the next two decades, I went on to buy and sell some 16 different businesses, using my uniquely potent style of marketing. I allowed no time for the grass to grow under my feet as each of these businesses was sold within a short space of time, allowing me to move forward to the next enterprise!

These days I have one of the largest coaching and consulting business’s on the planet. I refer to this group as ‘Rebellious Millionaires’. There is approximately

• 50 client’s paying me $8,000 to $10,000 per annum for my No Bull business sales and marketing advice.

• And a further 80 client’s paying me Approximately $35,000 to coach them for 12 months.

• I also have a Master Mind Group of 28 Shakers and Movers who meet four times a year for one day and pay me $18,000 each for the privilege.

No one else in Australia can claim to have opened the door to the money vault and turned up the money metabolism for others more than me. This is not just for bragadocia but to impress upon you the value of listening to my Street Smart Marketing advice.

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