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Bob Proctor

As a middle child born to a family in a small town in the northern part of Ontario, Canada, Bob had a low esteem of himself and only achieved the minimum in life. He quit school and entered the Navy. When Bob got out of the Navy, he, basically, went from one job to another, never accomplishing much of anything.

Fortunately, he had a friend that saw more in Bob than others had seen. He spent time with him and taught him about self-development. This information got Bob so excited that he decided to begin his own cleaning business. Before the first year was out, it had become internationally known.

Bob’s excitement grew as he learned more about the concept of self-development, and he determined to share his ideas and methods with others on an individual basis. Hundreds of Prudential Life Insurance agents were the recipients of his first seminar in 1970.

The seminar was held as summer was beginning, and he presented the idea of making $5 million dollars in the remainder of the year. He told them that anyone who set their mind to the task could do it. The agents were skeptical, because in the company’s 100 years of existence no one had ever sold that much insurance in a year. Nevertheless, some of the agents accepted the challenge, and the company’s sales began to rise. Several of the agents met the goal.

As a result of that first seminar, Bob Proctor is known around the world. It doesn’t matter who the people are, where they live, or how much money they have, Bob is willing to work with them. Many have found financial success.

Bob Proctor is the author of 7 books besides his world famous book, “You Were Born Rich.” He continues to teach people around the world. To make it even easier for more people to learn to be successful, he has established a website where he presents all of his materials.

Bob Proctor has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, and he enjoys nothing more than sharing it with others. He not only teaches them the concept of self-development, but he takes it one step farther. He shows them how to put it in practice.


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