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My Daily Rituals

I share this personal information in the hope it inspires others to give some thought to the value of each day.

Gratitude:  I play this mind-game with myself as I wake-up each morning. Before my feet are allowed to touch the floor, I must think of three things to be grateful. The first is always easy, just waking up again is a good start; however, I put a little time into this exercise as it is very humbling.

Attitude:    Before the early-morning routine commences I decide on my attitude for the day. Mostly, it is just to be helpful and happy although sometimes I know the day is going to need energised determination, either way I make my attitude a conscious decision. My favourite mantra is, “Success is an emotion, I choose to feel daily.”

Intention:   I find if I don’t have a clear set of high priorities to accomplish for the day; it becomes too easy to be sidetracked with low unimportant tasks. So a planned intention of the day helps with my actions to be aligned with my goals.

Conscious Thinking:   The deliberate intent to become aware of your thoughts and control of your mind. Whenever possible I set time to consciously think. It starts with turning off any external distractions like radio ads, TV news and noise, then I just deliberately “think” about things.

In the Now:         Eastern philosophy has taught many to live in the “Here and Now.” This is not always easy in practice, however, a great method to aspire to. I also find pre planned decision making helps for many common situations. If something unexpected occurs that reschedules the entire day, just knowing how I will react provides a glint of certainty. It’s not what happens; it’s how you react to what happens that counts.

Inspiration:         A golden sunset with a cloudy sky. Sharing fun time with family and friends.  Appreciation of a good wine, book, speaker or discovering anything new.

Daily Reflection: End of the day, did I make a difference? Who have I helped? How could I have done more? Have I contributed to the world being a better place to live? Did I do my best? Direct questions with honest answers.


This is my daily ritual, and it helps keep my life in balance. I know every day is different and sometimes, it certainly does not always work out as planned, however, at least I know what is important to me and this alone brings a sense of self-accomplishment.


David Bunney – The Lifestyle Mentor™

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