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Success Leaves a Trail BookBOOK DESCRIPTION
“The surest way to achieve anything, is to follow the success of someone who has done it?”… Right! This book simplifies that process and delivers a step-by-step path guaranteed to fast-track your success.

How to choose the business opportunity right for you, then develop it profitably is a skill that can be learnt. This book reveals the three powerful yet simple steps you will need—a phenomenal trademarked system, “MINDSET, MECHANICS, MENTORS®”, that contains practical exercises and powerful learning tools to encourage, educate and inspire anyone with an ambition to achieve.






  • Stop wasting your valuable time
  • Avoid the frustration and pain of trial-and-error
  • Follow a p roven path of success
  • Achieve the lifestyle of your choice

Learn how to…

  • Design the perfect lifestyle of your choice.
  • Discover what success really means to you.
  • Create balance in all areas of your life.
  • Learn the art of effective decision-making.
  • Understand fundamental business principles.
  • Create multiple sources of sustainable income.
  • Learn how to evaluate a business opportunity.
  • Develop and practice effective people skills.
  • Discover why a business plan is essential to success.
  • Know which wealth creation options work best.
  • Learn how to calculate the true value of a mentor.
  • Develop a personal support team.
  • Learn how to simplify your life and have more fun.
  • Successful people invest in themselves.

How to avoid the painful, costly mistakes people starting out in business often make. You will be carefully guided through each step of choosing a business opportunity that is right for you. You will learn to develop an enterprise that will set you up for life.

Anyone with a willingness to achieve can have the lifestyle of their choice, because success skills can be learnt. This book delivers guaranteed fast and proven results.

  • Discover how to gain clarity, direction and balance in life, with more energy.
  • Find strategies to break through the obstacles that are holding you back.
  • Develop the skills highly successful business people use to be effective.
  • Find low-cost and work-from-home opportunities that give fast returns.
  • Generate multiple sources of income by doing the things you love most.
  • Discover where to find free and low-cost resources to help develop a business.
  • Learn how to avoid the costly mistakes new business owners often make.
  • You’ll find guaranteed fast and proven marketing techniques that are easy to implement.
  • Apply the proven techniques of matching opportunity with purpose.
  • Master the fundamental principles of business growth and wealth creation.
  • Learn why Mentors are so valuable and how they fast-track your success.
  • How to connect with the right Mentors who will guide you.
”Success Leaves a Trail is definitely not a book of academic theory on success. It delivers phenomenal proven techniques based on real-life experience, which gets results. Brilliantly crafting business and success principles in a step-by-step guide makes it easy to master the learning process. Definitely, a must-read for anyone with a vision of achieving success!”
– Benjamin Foo, Author of iPossible
“Outstanding…A work of a pure genius. I especially love the concept of Mindset, Mechanics, Mentors® because I can use that in so many other areas of my life. I am shocked, I had not heard this before. Great work David!” – Caroline Bachot, Author of Lai d’attraction 2.0
“What a refreshing approach to teaching anyone how to set themselves up for life. Success Leaves a Trail offers straightforward advice on finding opportunities and how to make the most of them. Congratulations David.”
Nathaddeus Tan
, Author of The Success Gene

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