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First Impressions Doing Business


Create your competitive edge by applying the secrets of making the right first impression doing business. This book features rich content useful for serial entrepreneurs ready to launch their next business.

A valuable addition to the popular Startup Business Series™ by David Bunney and presented by Success Leaves a Trail®.

How to Choose the Perfect Business Name.

Creating Impressive Business Cards.

Understand Branding in just two words.

What is a Business Profile? and How to Create it.

Is Your Personal Image a Good Reflection?

What Message Does Your Signage Deliver?

Are Your Phone Manners Frustrating Your Clients?

Think Email Etiquette Before You Send.

Learn Social Media for Business.

Essential Keys to Choosing Domain Names.

How Good Is Your Website?

We all know the importance of first impressions, however the ugly truth is business owners continue to damage their image without knowing it. You just cannot afford to get it wrong there are no second chances.

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